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What are the outcomes of the LMP?
The intended outcomes of the LMP are as follows:

  • Single Inter-Provincial standard for Canadian Paramedics leading to full mobility of practitioners.
  • Common certification exam for PCP and ACP levels that is recognized by all Paramedics regulators in Canada.
  • Research to support evidence based decision making in maintaining competency profile and exams.
  • Strategy to develop a common assessment process for internationally trained paramedics.

What are the timelines of the Project?
The Project is scheduled to end in the fall of 2012.

Who are the Inter-Provincial Exams intended for?
The Inter-Provincial Exams are intended for certification of those entering the Paramedic Profession at the PCP and ACP levels.

Will there be an Inter-Provincial Paramedic License?
No, the licensing of Paramedics will not change. Paramedic regulation is the responsibility of each respective jurisdiction.

Who will administer the Inter-Provincial Exams?
The Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators (COPR) is responsible to oversee the administration of the Inter-Provincial Exams.

Why develop an Inter-Provincial Exam?
There is considerable variation in the current entry to practice exams used in each jurisdiction. Paramedic regulators are required to comply with the Agreement on Internal trade and, unless there is a legitimate objection, cannot re-exam paramedic practitioners that wish to move between jurisdictions. A common Inter-Provincial Exam ensures a common standard on entry to practice into the paramedic profession.