COPR Executive

The role of the Executive Committee is to oversee COPR’s Executive Director in the day-to-day management of COPR. The Executive Committee has the powers of the Board of Directors between Council meetings with respect to any matter that requires immediate attention.

  • Chair (Interim): Tim Ford
  • Chair-elect: Ken Driscoll
  • Treasurer: Jacqueline Messer-Lepage

COPR Harmonization of Regulatory Practices 

The COPR Harmonization of Regulatory Practices Committee (HRPC) assists COPR Council in efforts to harmonize paramedic regulatory practices/processes to facilitate regulation and mobility of paramedics across Canada.

  • Tim Ford
  • Jennifer Williams 
  • Chris Ewacha (Chair)
  • Dan Countryman (Vice-Chair)
  • Robyn Marcotte
  • Anna Chayba
  • Karl Kowalczyk
  • Ryan Kelly

COPR Examination Committee

COPR administers the paramedic entry to practice examination for seven provinces across Canada.
The role of the Examination Committee is to monitor and evaluate the COPR examination development and administration process.

  • Kimber Lea-Fiege
  • Dan Countryman
  • Jacquie Messer-Lepage 
  • Karl Kowalczyk
  • Leith Saunders
  • Tim Ford
  • Robyn Marcotte
  • Ken Driscoll (Chair)
  • Matthew Leyenaar (Chair-elect)

COPR Paramedic Equivalency Assessment System (PEAS) Advisory Committee

COPR received funding in 2018 from Employment and Social Development Canada to create a national online single point of entry assessment system specific to foreign trained paramedics.

The COPR Paramedic Equivalency Assessment System Advisory Committee (PEASAC) assists the COPR Executive Director in assessing COPR policy and processes to ensure COPR’s initial assessment of internationally educated applicants is conducted in a consistent and effective manner prior to applicants beginning the registration/licensure process at the provincial level.

  • Mathew Coleman
  • Tim Ford
  • Jacqueline Messer-Lepage
  • Trish Bergal
  • Robyn Marcotte
  • Karl Kowalczyk
  • Jocelyn Harnois
  • Ken Driscoll
  • Stacy Ridgely
  • Anne-Marie Paquet