Preparing for the Examination

Several resources are available to assist in preparing for the examination.

Use the Application Quick Reference Guide to ensure you do not miss an important step. Refer to the application process page for more details. 

COPR Examinations are based on the  2011 National Occupation Competency Profile (NOCP).

Examination Study Guide

The COPR Entry to Practice Examination Study Guide assists candidates in preparing for the examination by providing tips and strategies for exam preparation as well as sample exam questions.  Information provided includes:

  • the examination format;
  • recommended exam-taking strategies;
  • examples of type, format and content questions on the exam;
  • an appendix of abbreviations and acronyms; and,
  • a list of reference textbooks utilized when developing the exam questions.

Virtual Proctoring Preparation

Download the Meazure Learning Guardian Browser before examination day. 

Review the COPR Virtual Proctoring Quick Reference Guide for a summary of steps to complete in preparation for Examination day. 

View the Meazure Learning  “What to Expect on Exam Day” Test-Taker video.

Examination Blueprint

COPR’s Examination Blueprint specifies, for each examination, the number of questions and percentage of questions from each topic area (e.g., Competency Area from the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP). The Blueprint also includes the number and percentage of questions targeted to different levels of cognitive complexity, from basic knowledge and recall to detailed scenario-based questions that require analysis and synthesis of context and patient presentation.  

Preparatory Test

The preparatory tests are temporarily unavailable due to the change in examination provider. Please check in mid-October for an update. 

Preparatory tests are designed to simulate the format of the actual entry to practice examinations on a smaller scale. The tests each contain sixty (60) multiple-choice, single-answer questions that align to the blueprint used in the entry to practice examination. In addition, the tests use the same software platform candidates will find on the examination. The preparatory tests are available at the PCP and ACP practice levels for $75.00 plus tax and can be purchased anytime. Once submitted, test takers will be provided with the correct answer, a rationale for the correct answer, the NOCP competency area each question is testing, and one or more textbook references for each question.

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