How do I apply for the COPR Exam?

All applications for the EMR, PCP and ACP Entry to Practice Examinations must be submitted via the COPR applicant portal. After applying, candidates must also reserve a seat. Information and instructions will be provided to complete the reservation. 

COPR and COPR’s examination provider communicate with applicants via email. It is critical to monitor your email (including junk folders) from the time you submit an application to write an examination until you receive notification of pass/fail. Failure to do so may result in missing an important message and/or timeline for the examination and could result in forfeiting the examination and a portion or all of the examination fee.

Where can I write the COPR Exam?

The COPR EMR, PCP and ACP Examinations are currently offered using online  proctoring. 

I have not completed my education but should be finished in time for the next COPR Examination. Can I apply now to ensure I get a seat to write?

Candidates may apply for the exam before they finish their course of study. Applications are due approximately 5 weeks before the examination date.  4 weeks prior to the examination, candidates are provided with instructions to reserve a seat, which must be completed 3 weeks prior to the examination. Verification of successful completion of a course of study must be provided to COPR via the applicant portal a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the examination date or the examination will be cancelled and COPR’s refund policy applies.

Is there a list of protocols for drugs and call responses for candidates to review in preparation for the examination?

The COPR Examination does not focus on protocols as they vary between provinces. All examination questions link to competencies in the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP). The NOCP has an appendix with drug classifications. The NOCP can be found on the Paramedic Association of Canada website.

I become very nervous when I write exams; can I have more time to write my COPR exam?

Additional time is granted to candidates who provide evidence supporting the need for Testing Accommodation. To request an accommodation for a physical, cognitive or other special need, candidates should complete Testing Accommodation request within the online examination application. Requests for testing accommodation are considered on a case-by-case basis and must be supported by the Examination Disability Information Form, when disability is the grounds for the accommodation request. Requests received fewer than 35 business days before the exam date will not be accepted except in unusual circumstances.

I have noticed COPR offers an exam blueprint for its exams – is this link somewhere on this website, or will it be sent out to candidates prior to taking the exam?

The high-level blueprint is available on the COPR website. Here is the direct link.

Is there a preferred textbook from which to study?

The COPR Examination Study Guide provides a list of most used textbooks.

Can I use paper and pencil during the examination?

Candidates have access to a notepad feature within the online examination platform. Paper and pencils are considered testing accommodations. 

When will I receive my results?

Results are distributed by COPR to all candidates simultaneously. Candidates will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access results via the applicant portal. Please do not contact COPR or the testing provider to request results prior to the release. 

I received a score report. What do the numbers mean?

Each candidate is provided with a report  that indicates whether the candidate has passed or failed the exam. The report also indicates candidate performance relative to each of the competency areas as defined in the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP).  Performance will be reported using a standard score and should be interpreted as follows:

  • 200 – 349 –  indicates likely areas of weakness
  • 350 – 449– below acceptable performance
  • 450 – 549 – indicates acceptable performance
  • 550 – 800 – indicates a likely area of strength

My results were below 450 in all areas. How should I focus my study for the next examination?

Candidates who score below 450 in each competency area should focus study on all competency areas.

I was not successful at the examination and plan to write it again. Do I reapply or is my information saved and I just pay again?

Candidates who are not successful in the examination are required to submit a new application via the online applicant portal. 

 How do I challenge a failed examination?

The COPR Examination Handbook outlines candidate recourse following a failed attempt at the exam.  There are two options open to candidates, namely, a Manual Verification of Results and an Exam Appeal. Excerpts from the Handbook are copied here:

Manual Verification of Results

Unsuccessful candidates can request a manual verification of their results whereby a manual review of the questions and responses would be conducted to confirm the exam score. The fee for this manual verification is $200.00 and is non-refundable (EMR fee is $100). Candidates can submit a request to exam@copr.ca to have this service conducted.

This option could be utilized if a candidate feels there may have been an error in the electronic scoring of his/her exam.

Examination Appeal

A candidate, who has failed the COPR Entry to Practice Examination, may request a formal review of their exam to the Chair of COPR Examination Committee. A candidate’s examination results may be reviewed only based on suspected irregularities in the examination process, and not because of alleged errors in content of the examination. The content of an examination is not subject for review at the request of the candidate either singly or as a group. A request to review the examination results based on process must present evidence that the alleged irregularity materially affected the candidate’s performance. The existence of irregularities is in itself not sufficient to reverse the results of the examination.

Candidates who wish to pursue either option should contact COPR through exam@copr.ca.

Can I see my examination and answers so I could challenge the content of examination questions I got wrong?

Candidates are not permitted to review their examination. COPR uses an exam question development process guided by psychometricians that meets all professional standards as specified in the most recent edition of American Psychological Association Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

Why was my examination marked out of 180 questions instead of 200?

The PCP and ACP Examinations are marked out of 180 questions with the remaining 20 questions being newly written and introduced into the exam. The EMR Examination is marked out of 90 instead of 100. The additional questions are being tested psychometrically for reliability and validity and are not counted towards total exam marks.  This is part of the standard industry process for examination question development.

My certificate arrived from Canada Post in damaged condition.  How do I get a new certificate?

To replace a damaged certificate, individuals should email exam@copr.ca. Once your request is received, you will be asked to send the damaged certificate to COPR (an address will be provided) and your certificate will be replaced free of charge.  If you do not send in the damaged certificate, a fee of $75 will be charged for a replacement certificate.

I have lost the receipt I was issued for the exam and would like another copy. Can I get another copy of my receipt?

A receipt for the examination fee can be downloaded from the applicant portal.

Once I pass the examination, do I need to do anything further to work as an EMR, PCP or ACP?

Once you have passed the COPR examination, you still need to apply and meet all registration/licensure/certification requirements with the regulator in the province in which you would like to work.  Click here for more information.

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